Creating An Agency Powerpoint Pitch Deck

An agency marketing pitch deck – Are they worth it?
A client of mine, PENN Creative Strategy, hired us to create an agency PowerPoint pitch deck to use for marketing to potential customers and to accompany her proposals. Absolutely, it is worth it. Months after the project was completed, PENN Strategy told us:

“I’m enjoying having that to share with prospective clients.  I’m also finding that I use individual pages more often than I use the whole thing.  But it elevates our professionalism to have a piece like that!”

The deck’s objective was to inform the viewer quickly and visually about PENN Creative Strategy. It needed to be flexible enough so individual slides could be selected to create different deck combinations depending on the audience.

The deck created for PENN Strategy was divided into six sections: Overview, Services, Sectors, Case Studies, Pricing, and Our Team. At the start of the deck, it included a table of contents, and the color of the navigation bar section changed to highlight a particular section. To reinforce the client’s brand, each section contained a unique design element aligning the left border; in this case, it was a small sliver of one of the various photos found throughout the client’s website. Additionally, each section started with an introduction slide that introduced the new section topic. Since there were multiple sections it allowed for the opportunity to showcase different elements of their brand color and photo elements.

Don’t forget your brand
It goes without saying a good marketing deck is branded from cover to cover with your company logo on the front cover and built into the design of the subsequent pages.  If you’re a freelancer or a new company, and you do not have any branding or a logo, use your name and choose colors, which match your project’s purpose or company’s mission. Make sure to use a clean serif typeface that is easy to read. Without over doing it, bold more important information, do not use all caps, nor over italicize. Consider changing the type color from black to a slightly lighter version somewhere between 85-90% black. By changing the type from black to gray, it decreases the harshness and distraction black type can present and it makes your presentation a bit more elegant.  Your goal is to create a clean, readable presentation with clarity of information that is easy to follow and understand.

What should a pitch deck include?
There are many different approaches you can take to create a PowerPoint pitch deck. Before starting, conduct research in Google images and through online searches, what others have created. This will provide you with ideas and it will help you figure out what you want in your deck.  Once you decide what your deck’s objective is you can start to build an outline. Each section should have a topic, similar to the one above: Overview, Services, Sectors, etc. Under each section, make a list of the most important information, then organize that information and any related files in a folder. Or, if it is helpful, drop all the information and related their files into a PowerPoint presentation. Don’t worry about designing the content. Just focus on organize the information and to compile any additional files, such as your logo, photos, and text in the correct order. By adding it directly in the deck, you can also add useful notes in particular sections for your designer to follow. Leave it to your designer to transform your text into infographics, tables, processes, add icons, color, design, layout, and any other design-related actions. An experienced designer will ask questions and make suggestions for transforming your text into a visual story.

Some additional ideas might include:

  • Adding an introduction
    What is your decks’ objective? Who is your target audience? Empathetically and clearly focus on your audience’s pain points, challenges, needs, and wants
  • Most successful presentations tell stories
    What is your company’s’ WHY?
  • Present growth-focused key company performance indicators
    Ideally using infographics to make them pop
  • Show social proof
    How has your company has been effective and successful with addressing the mentioned pain points?
  • Research data
    Make competitors comparisons; consider using a SWOT or a features table
  • Clear solutions and aspirations
    Specifically, relating to what your company provides when addressing pain points and problems
  • Case studies of past and/or current clients
    Clearly highlight their problem, your company’s solution, and the outcome of implementing the solution, such as ROI data
  • Financial data points
    Show company growth, pricing, comparative, correlations, etc. (depending on the decks focus)
  • Your Team
    Introduce core team members and/or any partnerships (if relevant)
  • Testimonials
    These can be scattered throughout the presentation to support your story and messaging
  • Include an Ask
    Tell your prospective clients and potential audience: What types of projects you are seeking?
  • Earn confidence by offering freebies
    Earn confidence and open doors by providing free and honest value-based information and/or products, which are immediately useful and highlight your knowledge and expertise (i.e., free tips, consultation time, discount on first service, money-back guarantee, free trial, free shipment, etc.) 
  • Include a clear call to action
    Call to actions remind your potential client to reach out without compromise or commitment (i.e., schedule an appointment, add your name to a newsletter, etc.)

Brand ambassadors
If you do not have a brand ambassador, consider creating some. Online there are tons of articles on the subject. Passing your deck to your brand ambassador(s) so they can share with their network(s) can be a good marketing strategy. It is important to make it worth their time, so they feel valued for their efforts, and appreciated for thinking about your business.

Additionally, consider uploading your deck to your company website, along with using SEO keywords so that it can become another marketing stream and recognized by Google.

Finally, if able, the deck could be added to any directories your business is advertised, throughout your social media, and look for other marketing streams within any associations you might be affiliated with.

BRAIT Studio has experience creating pitch decks and other PowerPoint presentations. We are a small full-service graphic design agency focused on visual storytelling, information design, and infographic design. Our experience, expertise, and passionate includes visually transforming projects from confusing to clarity.

Consider, scheduling a free consultation with BRAIT Studio to discuss your next project.

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