What is YOUR customer’s pain points?

To represent that pitch decks include a variety of content such as infographics, icons, copy and data

Focus on your customer’s problems and your company’s solutions

A solution focused professionally designed sales pitch deck offers businesses an opportunity to communicate information about your services and products to your current and prospective customers. Pitch decks should provide your customers and potential customers useful information that targets their needs and problems, and explains how your services and products are able to solve your customer’s pain points and problems.

An effective sales pitch deck should use a storytelling strategy starting with an introduction to your customer’s pain points and problem, followed by benefit-driven solutions. As well as, explanations for how your company’s products and/or services are able to deliver results that address customer’s pain points and problems.

Successful pitch decks look professional

A presentation and sales pitch deck should be well branded with your company’s identity, brand messaging, colors, and brand images and photos, so that it visually communicates and reinforces your company’s brand story.

The sales deck should not be cluttered, it should have sufficient white space that utilizes design elements and layout, presents information in a simple, short and concise manner, avoid too many bullets, maintains current information, does not stretch the truth or overstate assumptions, and provides enough details so that the viewer is left interested, engaged, and curious.

PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides are ideal environments for creating sales pitch decks because they can be flexible so that you can pick and choose, which screens to send to which audience; allowing the deck to be used for versatile purposes.

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