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Company Name

PENN Creative Strategy


PENN Creative Strategy Company Profile Pitch Deck, which weaved together PENN's brand, values, services, model for change, sectors, case studies, pricing and team.

Project Process

For presentation design projects, I usually receive the content in a Microsoft Word document or a PowerPoint project ready to be designed. The benefit of putting all your content into PowerPoint directly is that it can be used as a space to organize your project. This project was sent to me directly in PowerPoint.

Since it had 6 sections, it made sense to design it with a top navigation in order to really clarify the different sections. Furthermore, this client used a lot of beautify photography on their website as part of their branding, so it made sense to build that in, as well. Each section started with a photograph and a title bar to introduce the section. The preceding slides not only were highlighted a different color on the top navigation, but on the lefthand side of the slide was a sliver (vertical rectangle) piece of the cover sheet photo.

In order to pull together the content and tell a visual story, content was transformed into a variet of infographics. Icons were also used, turning text into more meaningful content.


Services and Programs Used

Design strategy, art direction, graphic design, visual storytelling, infographic design, PowerPoint presentation design, brand identity

"BRAIT Studio did a beautiful job designing our data for presentation in a way that was easy to grasp and delivered high quality information. Elizabeth was highly professional, delivered the work in a timely fashion and was just a pleasure to work with. I would recommend BRAIT Studio to anyone looking for a compelling, graphically pleasing presentation of complex information."

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