Strategic InDesign Report and Infographic Designs for the Theory of Change for Social Impact and Theory of Change for Retail

Company Name

Goodwill NYNJ

Project Description

BRAIT Studio, LLC was hired by PENN Creative Strategy to design Goodwill's annual Strategic Report (2021) and two infographics for Goodwill's Theory of Change for Social Impact and Retail Impact.

Project Process

As with many of our projects, clients come with an idea, which we help to develop. This client knew she wanted to tell a visual story showing a variety of social impacts and how each impacts is measured.

For this project, we provided the client with art direction, design strategy, recommendations for tightening the content due to space limitations, icon selection and development, and graphic design layout.

Both infographics presented challenges with real estate, therefore each design had to adapt to the degree of different information, but at the same time it was important to design them as a set with a similar look and feel.

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