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Custom Graphic Design. Visual Storytelling.

BRAIT Studio, LLC leverages visual storytelling to communicate financial, business, marketing stories and processes, which are research-based, impactful, effective, communicative, and empathetic.

Research and Strategy

At project onset, we define the project’s scope, research the industry landscape, client competitors, audience and/or users. We follow an iterative design thinking process, which builds on discovery and we aim to design in a way flexible, so that future changes and adaptations, where possible, can be easily adapted and integrated.

Client Focused
Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent customer services. We listen and collaborate with our clients. We take your business as seriously as we take our own. We strategize with clients to help them make choices that are in their best interest for each project and provide reasons, which support our thinking.

Graphic Design

Print and Digital
We work on a large variety of print and digital projects, including report design, infographics, process diagrams story-boarding, timelines, identity/branding, logo design, company sell sheets, product sheets, brochures, posters, post cards, shirt designs, tag designs, folder designs, album covers, conference and sales marketing collateral, PowerPoint presentations, and email marketing layouts, landing pages, website, UX/UI apps design and research, user flows, journey maps, and more.

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling Experts
We love telling visual stories and we understand how to visually re-organize data, clarify communication, transforming documents, complex concepts, business processes, timelines, comparative numerical data, and technical and financial data into visual stories; for the purpose of building strategic business B2B and B2C relationships and otherwise. We are passionate about creating high quality, informed, impactful designs, and effective design that is easily digested and understood.

Our record of accomplishment includes creating and executing a wide variety of innovative graphic design projects, including user experience for apps and dashboards for websites. Visual storytelling strategies are woven into our design style and approach in order to boost a client’s brand and B2C and B2B exposure and growth.

Empathy and Emotion
We design taking into consideration where our clients and their customers, audience, and/or viewers are coming from; their needs and pain points through an empathetic approach. We also believe that for a project to be impactful it needs to be felt and experienced by the viewer or person experiencing it.  We design from both of these perspectives by asking questions about a project's impact and effectiveness so that is can visually tell your story and/or state your message ---no matter what your story or message may be.

Hire Us to Tell Your Story!
We love designing and transforming concepts, data, timelines, process charts, (annual) reports, PowerPoint presentations into a visual story and/or infographic in order to increase your contents readability, clarity, communication, and expression.

Before designing, we evaluate the client's landscape, audience, users, needs, pain points, how to tell your story, show your process, and clarify, simplify, or clean up unnecessary distracting information.

Whether you project is project is for a potential B2B company or B2C we make strategic design decisions that are well informed and focused on your needs.


We create data-driven infographics, which are mathematically accurate for marketing, sales, and corporate departments, including process charts, timelines, user flows, journey maps, and storyboards into a captivating visual story.

We Mathematically Design Infographics
Not all infographics require a mathematical approach, however for designs which present financial and other numerical data, we use mathematical calculations, in order to guarantee an accurate representation. In these cases, none of the visuals are eyed with approximations, instead they are mathematically calculated.

User Experience Design

BRAIT Studio has worked on a number of UX research and UI designs for IOS apps, websites, and dashboards.

We have experience in conducting research, survey development, and user interviews to collect data and evidence, which are user-based and support design decisions.  Including gathering iterative user feedback for preference and a/b testing throughout the lifespan of a project.

We also can create a competitive report that includes SWOT data, research and comparative data for competitive products, survey and interview findings, and recommendations. We also have experience designing storyboards, site maps, user flows, user stories, customer journey maps, visual personas (based on collected data), low and high-fidelity designs, prototypes, mind maps, mood boards, and more.

Click here to view a UX/UI project case study.

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Graphic Design
Visual Storytelling

Brand and Identity
Logo Design
Style Guides

Report Design
Sell Sheets
Brochure Design
Poster Design
Folder Designs
Shirt Designs
Album Cover Designs

Conference Material
Marketing and Sales Collateral

Pitch Decks

Technical drawings
Custom abstract art


User Interviewing
Survey Design and Analysis
Competitive Analysis and Reports

User Stories
User Flows
Customer Journey Maps
Designing Personas
Mind Maps

Low Fidelity Designs (Sketch)
High Fidelity Designs (Sketch)
Prototype in InVisionApp
Card Sorting
Mood Boards

Usability Testing
A/B Preference Testing

BRAIT Studio, LLC is a dependable strategic partner, focused on designing creative visual storytelling design that is high quality, effective, and impactful for B2C and B2B clients.

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