Demystify Your Data and Transform It Into A Compelling Visual Story

BRAIT Studio, LLC is a full-service graphic design visual storytelling agency focused on transforming data into an engaging, impactful, effective, and compelling visual story. 

A Full-Service Visual Storytelling Design Agency

BRAIT Studio, LLC is passionate about graphic design and visual storytelling. We create data-driven infographics, which are mathematically accurate for marketing, sales, and corporate departments. We work as collaborative partners by combining our artistry and expertise to create beautiful, innovative, and impactful graphic design, infographic design, and user experience design projects, which are informed about our clients’ industry in order to boost client B2B and B2C relationships and growth.

Graphic Design & Infographic Expertise


Research Defines our Strategy. Design solutions evolve from a deep dive into your industry and competitor landscape, in order to identifying design solutions, which meet your project’s focus, objective(s), and/or the needs of your customers and/or users.


Customized Design. Stylistically Diverse. Engaging & Communicative. Every project has a unique look and feel that relies on visual storytelling, including infographics, story boarding, process diagrams, and timelines.


We Are Expert Visual Storytellers. We Cut Out the Noise and Focus on the Message. We create simple, complex, and compelling visual stories intended to captivate your B2C and/or B2B audience.


From Ideation through Prototypo. User-Focused Design Thinking. Conducting surveys, interviews, research in an iterative design process we problem solving and delve into understanding your users’ pain points; in order to create an intuitive, functional, and attractive product.

Design Client Testimonials

BRAIT Studio, LLC is a dependable strategic partner, focused on designing creative visual storytelling design that is high quality, effective, and impactful for B2C and B2B clients.

Greater Philadelphia, PA
& Santander, Spain

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