Case Studies: UX, Information Design, and Systems Thinking

Our Work in Action: Information and UX Design Case Studies

Step inside our Case Studies showcase to see how we turn complex data into seamless user experiences through expert information and UX design. Here, each project is a window into our tailored approach, demonstrating how we enhance clarity and engagement for every client. Learn from our successes and see the tangible impact of thoughtful design on user satisfaction and business outcomes.

Designing for Security: Crafting User-Centric Widgets for a Cybersecurity Dashboard

BRAIT Studio was hired to design specialized widgets for a cybersecurity dashboard designed for a top-tier consulting firm, drawing insights from user interviews to inform our development of effective, user-centric wireframes. This Phase One prototype seamlessly blends functionality with intuitive design, enhancing the user experience. The audience are customers who use this cybersecurity management system.

Enhancing Accessibility: Transforming AAAS SEA Change Documentation into a User-Friendly Website

For AAAS SEA Change, BRAIT Studio transformed an unwieldy 80-page document into a sleek, user-friendly website. The original format was cumbersome, making it hard for users to find necessary information quickly. By reorganizing and converting it into an accessible online format, we made information retrieval effortless and engaging, encouraging more stakeholders to participate in this important equity evaluation project.

Streamlining Grocery Shopping: A UX Design Case Study

In a creative venture during my UX design boot camp in 2017, I designed a fictitious grocery store to tackle the challenge of organizing complex product taxonomy common in real-world stores. My project centered on enhancing the shopping experience by developing a more intuitive and accessible product organization system. This approach not only streamlined navigation but also demonstrated the potential for innovative solutions in simplifying everyday tasks for users, showcasing the practical application of UX principles in a familiar setting.

Optimizing Enrollment: Enhancing Educere's Registration System Through User Insights

Edtell hired BRAIT Studio to delve into the user experience of Educere's online education registration system, a crucial tool used by employees for student enrollments. The system, consisting of two parts developed at different times, required a deep understanding of how it was being used and where improvements could be made. Through conducting thorough employee interviews, I gained valuable insights that guided the redesign of wireframes. These proposed changes aimed to enhance the system's usability, making the registration process smoother and more intuitive for users, and setting the stage for potential upgrades to the platform.

Mastering UX Deliverables: From Competitive Reports to User Flows and Preference Testing

Explore the core of effective UX design through our comprehensive suite of deliverables. From detailed competitive reports that benchmark against industry leaders, to intricate user flows that map out optimal user journeys, and insightful preference tests that gauge user satisfaction—each element is crafted to enhance user experience and drive business success. Dive into our resources to see how we leverage diverse UX tools to deliver strategic insights and innovative solutions.

SMOOTH: Simplifying Communication with a Unified Messaging App

Introducing SMOOTH, an innovative app created in 2018, designed to streamline your digital communications by consolidating text and chat messages from various platforms into one convenient location. With features like connection to other messaging apps, calendars, and bank accounts, SMOOTH allows users to organize messages in customizable folders and "snooze" them for future reference. Though the project was not completed, extensive research and development provided a solid foundation for a powerful communication tool. Enhanced security through OAuth technology, informed by user feedback, ensured secure access, making SMOOTH a practical solution for improving communication within specialized teams like sales departments.

Streamlined Connections: Exploring User Flows in the SMOOTH App

Explore the user flow of the SMOOTH App Project, crafted to enhance how you manage communications across multiple platforms.

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