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Visual design strategies and solutions for an ever-changing work environment

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We invest in connecting with our clients’ brands, understanding their industry, landscape, and audience in order to provide strategic design solutions and value for dynamic and evolving environments.

graphic design

Graphic Design

Creative graphic design solutions for print and digital projects for marketing, conferences, visual reports, business communications, and non-profits

Infographic and Information Design

We turn complex information and data into engaging visual stories that simplify complicated content, show comparative data, correlations, timelines, and processes

PowerPoint Presentation Design

Presentation Design

We transform PowerPoint presentations to be more visual while weaving your company's brand with visual storytelling

Logo design

Logo and Brand Identity

We design logos, brand identity, and brand standards; as well as, rebranding

digital design

Digital Design

Projects include digital design for email marketing, digital ad, social media, and more.

website design, app design, dashboard design

Website, Apps, & Dashboard Design

Our UX/UI design services include designing low and high-fidelity designs for websites, app design, and dashboard design products

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BRAIT Studio, LLC is a dependable strategic partner, focused on designing creative visual storytelling design that is high quality, effective, and impactful for B2C and B2B clients.

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