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Brait Studio, LLC works as a strategic partner with our clients. We strategically dive into understanding your business landscape and create design products that are informative, help your business grow, and build relationships.


Our Design Philosophy
We believe that when designing every element included should have a purpose. Therefore, we strive to minimize unnecessary distraction and noise in order to visually express the most important information.

Our Approach and Style
We fuse research, psychology, and design to create engaging design projects. At the start of every project we dive into understanding your company's landscape, industry, and competitors. We pay attention and factor in relevant pain points and we invest in understanding who are your clients and what they need.

Clients Know Their Business Best and We Value Their Perspective
We believe that design is a multi-level process that it is most beneficial through collaborative teams, perspectives, research, and feedback. We work in partnership and collaborate our clients. We also partner with complimentary businesses who are experts in areas outside out purview.

Project Types
BRAIT Studio is able to design for a wide range of print and digital projects that include a multitude of diverse design styles from creative and clean corporate design to more abstract and artistic options.

Our Work is Informed
During project onset, we conduct research in order to understand your business. No matter what type of project, our client's landscape, competitors, audience, and customer experience are forefront, influencing our design decisions, impact, and our empathy and emotional connection; in order to connect with and design the best solutions for our clients' needs.

We Mathematically Design Infographics
What sets us apart is that we use visual storytelling design that combines graphic design and mathematical precision in order to tell a clear and compelling story. Not all infographics require a mathematical approach, however for designs which present financial and other numerical data, we use mathematical calculations, in order to guarantee an accurate representation.

Our Clients
BRAIT Studio has designed projects for clients in the following industries and/or professional fields: pharmaceutical, financial, medical software, medical technology, astrophysicists, education, sales, law, small business owners, big data, government, workforce development, public health, coaching, social services, and non-profit.

Our Process

Design process

What Clients Can Expect

Creative and Unique Solutions
High-Level Communication
A Collaborative Process
Timely Results That Are Deadline Driven
Successful Outcome
Happy Clients

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Graphic Design
Visual Storytelling

Brand and Identity
Logo Design
Style Guides

Report Design
Sell Sheets
Brochure Design
Poster Design
Folder Designs
Shirt Designs
Album Cover Designs

Conference Material
Marketing and Sales Collateral

Pitch Decks

Technical drawings
Custom abstract art


User Interviewing
Survey Design and Analysis
Competitive Analysis and Reports

User Stories
User Flows
Customer Journey Maps
Designing Personas
Mind Maps

Low Fidelity Designs (Sketch)
High Fidelity Designs (Sketch)
Prototype in InVisionApp
Card Sorting
Mood Boards

Usability Testing
A/B Preference Testing

BRAIT Studio, LLC is a dependable strategic partner, focused on designing creative visual storytelling design that is high quality, effective, and impactful for B2C and B2B clients.

Greater Philadelphia, PA
& Santander, Spain

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