Passionate about design and information orgnization

We craft designs that enhance brand visibility with impactful and unique materials that stand out. Specializing in simplifying and transforming complex content, we ensure your message is easily understood by your target audience.

About BRAIT Studio, LLC

Since 2014, BRAIT Studio has worked as a trusted collaborator and partner with businesses and non-profits creating a multitude of projects using strategy, design, research, and human-centered design thinking.

We specialize in leveraging our expertise to seamlessly transform (intricate) information into impactful designs, which are meticulously crafted and strategically curated to create clarity, comprehension, understanding, communication, and usability.

Many projects are created by combing the use of different tools and methodologies to simplify complex relationships between various components, including logic models, mapping, process diagrams with design tools to create impactful graphic design, UX design, information design, visual storytelling, and information organization projects.

This skill set is highly suitable for a wide range of projects, including planning, evaluation, communication, business growth, development, marketing, and design.

How We Work

Designer and Information Strategist
Identify the project objectives to be achieved, define vision and strategy,  and then I collaboratively with the decision makers, and stakeholders meet the objectives.

Visual Thinking Strategist
Use a thought process to organize ideas visually with a graphic representation that either supports or replaces complicated, confusing, difficult to follow and understand verbal and written information.

Designer Thinker
Use a non-linear, iterative process to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Our expertise is in organizing information, designing impactful visual storytelling, and transforming complex data into usable and understandable systems and designs.

Greater Philadelphia, PA

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