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Brait Studio, LLC works strategically with our customers in order to understand their business landscape and to design projects, which are informative, increase business growth, and build relationships.

About BRAIT Studio, LLC

Consider Us Your Design Partner

We help businesses and organizations tell visual stories, demystify their data, and communicate complex information so it can be easily understood. We do this through graphic design, infographics, information design, UX design, dashboard design, app design, and website design. Our goal is to make complex information easier to understand so that businesses can make better decisions and communicate more effectively with their audiences.

What Clients Can Expect

Quality, Creative, and Unique Solutions
High-Level Communication
A Collaborative Process
Dedicated Customer Service
Deadline Driven Results
Successful Outcomes
Happy Clients

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Our expertise is in organizing information, designing impactful visual storytelling, and transforming complex data into usable and understandable systems and designs.

Greater Philadelphia, PA

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