UX/UI Design Case Study: Essential Market

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Essential Market, a Vegan Grocery Store IOS App

Prototype: invis.io/D2OL2J5K8YQ

Essential Market is a fictitious market, which I created for a UX/UI boot camp, which I participated in. This project was influenced by user data through survey collection. I created a competitive report, user flows, user stories, and personas based on user survey data. Sketch was used to create low-fidelity designs that were later updated into high-fidelity designs, and brought into InVision App to create an app prototype. In addition, preference and user testing was conducted to gather user feedback that helped to improve the design based on user behavior preferences.

A mood board was created, which included pictures of nature and leaves, and a comparative study was conducted looking at competitor grocery store logo designs. Hand drawn concepts were created and then brought into Adobe Illustrator.The focus of this project was to learn about the UX/UI research and design process; a deep dive into the experience of designing an IOS app from ideation to prototype. This project went through multiple design iterations and each change was based on user feedback.


Personas were created based on collected user survey data.  Essential Market users ranged across multiple demographics.

User Stories and User Flows

A User Flow Example:

User story: As a user...
Task: I want to sign up for Essential Market.
Purpose: To buy groceries with an app.
Go to page: Sign up and create an account

User stories and user flows also relied on user data. The user stories, all from the perspective of the user, were created in an Excel file showing the user's task, purpose and which app screen an action can be accomplished.

The user flows (below) show how the user navigates from one point to another to accomplish various tasks. These user flows quickly became out of date as the project developed. Initially the grocery store was much larger and not specifically a vegan grocery story. Through many iterations and for learning purposes, I decided to simplify the concept in order to execute a project design, since this was a learning project and not for a "real client."

UX/UI User Flow
UX-UI User Flow
UX/UI Design
UX/UI, User Flow, customer journey, story boarding

Preference Test PDF Report

A few key screens were uploaded into Usability Hub in order to collect user feedback. The received feedback helped to finalize these screen designs, each of which went through additional iterations based on the feedback provided, which was invaluable. A report was written about this process (see the link below).


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