Visual Storytelling Report Design and Layout with Infographics for Workforce Development

Company Name

Philadelphia Works - SERWDP


Client provided all the content in a Microsoft Word file, along with a few in-house visuals. Other infographics, photo seclection, cover and page layout and design was done by BRAIT Studio.

Project Process

Every report should be designed using the appropriate logo(s) and brand elements, colors, and typeface. Always, our goal with designing reports is to connect with the projects' audience by creating an engaging layout with clear visuals. Page layout is organized so that the information is easy to follow and clearly understood. In some cases, bullet lists are pulled out from the body text and created. Timelines and processes are better understood as an infographic than presented as copy in paragraph form. Photos help to pull the story together and add clarity and meaning. The also contribute to the reader connecting with the content either psychologically and/or emotionally. Or even in some cases, creating empathy. Often infographics are built in to reports in order to replace content with a visual representation, which can be easier to follow. Data is often best represented in a visual form, since it presents complex concepts. The visuals allow the reader to understand everything intended. Adding quotes provide social proof and help to tell the visual story in a more personal manner. Finally, when designing reports, the goal is to create a product that is engaging and compelling, and sure to capture the readers attention.


Design Strategy, Report Design, Infographic Design, Page Layout and Design

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