Eileen Sullivan

Elizabeth is a focused professional who meets deadlines. She has excellent analytic skills and accomplished her work with minimal supervision. Elizabeth focused on two main projects while at MTCP which were successfully accomplished. The first project she accomplished included conducting a comprehensive literature review and the creation of a written report that was titled Tobacco Use Among 18-24 Year Olds in the United States. The second phase of this project was to create and conduct survey for College Administrators at University and College Campuses in Massachusetts on their existing campus tobacco policies. The second main project focused on assisting me with the implementation of the comprehensive smoke-free workplace law in Massachusetts. Elizabeth used quantitative information to identify compliance/noncompliance of the state law and trends, in order to make recommendations regarding issues of noncompliance with the state law. Elizabeth wrote 9 fact sheets on the workplace law for employers and the general public. She drafted a report for the 1-Year Review of the Massachusetts Smoke-Free Workplace Law that was submitted to Massachusetts’ legislators.

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