Patricio Vielva

Elizabeth Brait worked with our team during the organization of the EPI2013 conference that occurred in June 2013 in Santander, Spain. Similar to myself, she was also part of the local organizing committee (LOC). The conference gathered more than 50 international experts to debate about the latest developments on the study of the inflationary period at the beginning time of our universe. Elizabeth’s main role was to develop the webpage for the conference including the pre-registration and the registration forms. She was also responsible taking care of some of the logistics during the conference itself. The webpage ended up being not only a vehicle to collect all the relevant information from the participants, but also a powerful resource to provide useful information to all the participants. Elizabeth elaborated a detailed guide of restaurants with a simple layout over the city map and basic information about each one in English and she created a page with practical information about the best ways to reach the city and local attractions (this page is now being used by other groups). She took care of organizing the conference dinner that was a complete success in one of the most beautiful conference dinner locations in town (and she negotiated a great price within the budget of the conference). She designed the conference poster; and she linked all the presentations on the webpage so that all the participants could access them. Overall, Elizabeth was worth every cent (and more) we spent hiring her, and I personally would be very happy to hire her again.

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