June Cairns

Elizabeth Brait worked for the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania from February through July 2014. During her time on staff, she concentrated on organizing, updating and creating agency policies. The agency was in a transition of leadership and her efforts allowed for continuity of process during the transition. Elizabeth was able to take hard and electronic copy and put together a system by which current policies could be reviewed and new policies developed based on need. This project required very high level organization skills, and her skill and intuition allowed her to quickly understand agency structure, infrastructure and service delivery systems. She consistently worked to understand the work that had been completed by another staff member and update it so that it was applicable for the agency at this time. Elizabeth worked independently, and was self-directed, working remotely and in the office with other staff when needed. In addition, she also assisted a department to create a process flow for several of their regular tasks. She was thoughtful, insightful and created simple documents for all staff to use. Elizabeth is an excellent writer and was able to apply her technical writing skills to day to day operational processes of the agency. She was a pleasure to work with during this time.

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