Jose M. Diego

Elizabeth E. Brait made a fabulous work for us with our conference SZ2011; and as a result we hired her to help with a second conference, EPI2013. She helped us immensely by assisting with the logistics in putting together first the SZ2011 conference (i.e. organizing hotels, conference event location, promotional item for participants, conference dinner, graphic and web design of the conference website, program, and logo, etc.), and similarly for our recent conference EPI2013. Elizabeth is very professional and organized. She always met all of her deadlines, including when things were asked for at the last minute. She ensured that everything ran smoothly. She took all of her responsibilities extremely seriously. She took initiative before and during the conferences. She is hardworking and it was evident that she dedicated much of her effort to give us more than satisfactory results. She often worked independently, but was also able to collaborate with our team, as well. In addition to conference organizing tasks, she was responsible for the graphic and web design for the conferences. The official website for both conferences SZ2011 and EPI2013 were completely designed by Elizabeth and we were very pleased with the result. They looked professional and clean, included forms for registration. She also wrote and organized together detailed information about the city of Santander from a practical point of view (i.e. transportation to and within Santander, events, customs), and conference and hotel information. Elizabeth designed a restaurants guide with complementary maps for an easy identification. Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend Elizabeth for any work that requires good organization skills, project development, and/or event organization.

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